Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Differences Make A Difference

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a funeral. It was for an older woman that we have known for some time and became related to us through marriage. I was thinking about her life. It was a style of life that is not common today. To my best knowledge, she never worked outside the home. She was married once and stayed that way. Her life was focused on her home, her family, and her church. All three were essential parts of her life and she was involved with each one.

In those easier times after World War Two, most women stayed home to raise their family. A man could earn enough so support their home. Though it might not have risen to today's expectations. Houses were smaller. More people rented. One car per family was pretty much the rule. It was definitely a simpler life. 

Then all of a sudden we had a "sexual revolution". By that time I had reached an age where I was a non-combatant observer. Suddenly women insisted on the same educational and work opportunities that had been exclusively a male domain. That was generally good. There were a few things involved the were less than perfect. Employers suddenly discovered that women were smart and would work hard to prove themselves. So some employers (read that as many) exploited them by paying the less than they would a man in the same position. The other fly in the ointment was that more people in the work force caused salaries, prices, and peoples desire for more to make it necessary for most homes to have both partners working.

Over the years the lot of women in the workplace has improved. Each year they have advanced closer to parity and the glass ceiling has moved higher. Are all of the obstacles gone? I don't know. But I do know that it is better for women.

But now the social engineers in government want to take it a step farther. I feel that they are taking it one step beyond. They think it is a good thing to allow women into armed combat. I don't like the idea. I am all for women in the military. They do awesome work at whatever challenges are thrown at them. The physical requirements for armed combat would preclude almost all women. A big woman in combat condition would probably weigh around 145 lbs. A big man in the same condition would probably be around 230 lb. When heavy lifting is needed on the battle field women just don't have the muscle mass. This has nothing to do with guts, brains, or skills. It is simply a matter of size.

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