Friday, February 22, 2013

More Fear For The Sphinx

Many months ago, I wrote a piece for this blog called "Pray for the Sphinx". In that article I outlined what the Taliban had done to Buddhist statues in the Bamiyan Valley  in Afghanistan. It was an historical loss. I suggested in my article that if Muslim jihadists  ever took power in Egypt the Sphinx and the Pyramids would be in danger of destruction. The loss of these historical artifacts would be beyond a tragedy. Well, the jihadists are now in power. The danger is real.

The Coptic Christians in Egypt are in an era of persecution akin to Christians in Roman days. Their lives are in danger and their churches are being destroyed. Prime Minister Morsi is not a friend of Christian or Jew. He has called for the destruction of Israel and called the Jewish people the spawn of apes and pigs. He is not what you would call, a modern intellectual.

It is a tenet of Islam to have no idolatry. The idolatry of other religions is to be destroyed without question. They do not care about historical significance since to them the only thing of significance is the Koran. Truth be told, I do not understand how this squares with elaborately decorated mosques and prayer rugs. It just seem contradictory.

Obviously, Egypt is in a state of turmoil. The Muslim Brotherhood is not in complete control of the country and those that are against Sharia Law still struggle. If the jihadists gain full control and can pacify the country they will alter the face of Egypt forever. It will be the worlds loss.

Meanwhile the people in the State Department, with the full support of the President, continue to support an Egypt that is no longer our friend. They send huge amounts of money that we must borrow along with deadly F-16 fighter planes. In my mind this is insane.

I have been waiting for the Egyptian military to step in and take control of the country. I believe that there are well trained, high ranking, officers that love their country and hate what is happening to it. I believe many of these men enjoy a supportive relationship with the United States.

I imagine that the thought of a military coup is enough to make any officer pause and be the cause of many sleepless nights. But these are men that are dedicated to their country in a way no civilian can understand. They are the only ones that can save Egypt and keep it in the twenty-first century.

Once again the Obama administration has thrown a hero under the bus. Go to this website  to support Dr. Afridi. He is the man who made it possible to nail Bin Laden. He has been imprisoned and the Obama administration seems not to care. Sometimes they just have to do the hard stuff.

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