Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Binnacle For Obama

I thought it might be good to go out and buy a binnacle. Actually two would be better. For those of you that might not be familiar with the term, on many older ships, standing in front of the wheel was a shiny brass tower about three and a half feet tall. It contained a compass floating in oil. The compass floated in oil so if the ship pitched fore to aft or rolled port to starboard, the compass was always level and accurate to steer by.

I would like to give one to the President to mount in front of his desk in the oval office and I thought one in the center of the rotunda in the Capitol Building would be helpful. I suggest this because our elected officials have clearly lost their way. They are in dire need of a compass to guide them. Many of them could use a moral compass too, but I don't know where to buy those.

At least twenty percent of those that would work cannot find jobs. Many of those that are working are employed in lower level jobs than they should have. On top of this, in a few months, there will be a new crop of high school and college graduates hitting the work force. Good luck to them. While the country needs jobs desperately, our elected officials are focusing on everything but.

Immigration is an important issue to many, but if we don't have jobs, it is less relevant. Can John Kerry pick up where Hillary left off? Is Chuck Hagel a suitable replacement for Leon Panetta? Should they open more hearings on the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball. How can guns be further restricted so honest people can't protect themselves. Notice that Congress exempts themselves from any of these restrictions. And above all, make sure that they continue to squeeze more taxes out of the system to feed their uncontrolled spending habit.

Starting into his fifth year as President, Barack Obama still tries to blame George Bush or the Republicans in general. No more Mr. President. You own it. You have thrown up the road blocks. You have drained the economy. You are destroying the middle class. You and your regulators are standing square in the way of business and expansion. My only question is, are you inept or is this purposeful.

The GDP has once again gone into negative numbers. Another month of that and we will be officially into a double dip recession. The American people have hung on and some poor souls have actually believed. Believe this, we are not making progress. We have not, in the past few years, made progress. And unless there is a change, we will not make progress in the near future. Mr. President, you really need a new compass.

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