Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Paranoia

I have not been writing much about guns lately. That is not because I have lost interest. I just don't like being one of the crowd and , it seems, everybody that has a keyboard is now an expert. I always try to be out at the edges of a subject and supply a point of view that is different and, I hope, interesting.

I have been reading and listening to the arms debate with extreme interest. I even listen to old Uncle Joe Biden's silliness. But I got to wondering. We have had major firearms crises in the country before. From Lincoln, to JFK, to James Brady taking a bullet meant for Ronald Reagan. The anti-gun crowd gets stirred up for a while and eventually settles down.

What we are seeing and hearing today has a different feel than past efforts against firearms. There seems to be a more unified effort among those that lean to the left. There seems to be a lot of dollars coming out of the woodwork to support those efforts. Being a suspicious sort, I have to ask why. Back in the Clinton years, when they wanted to push through a less than popular idea, it was always "for the children". Everything was "for the children" even when it obviously wasn't.

Anyone with a lick of sense realizes that any laws or regulations involving firearms will only affect honest, law abiding citizens who are not and never would be caught in any illegal firearms activity. Criminals care not a whit for the law and will do what they want regardless of anything that the politicians might do. The delusionals will use guns or swords or molotov cocktails or home made explosives. They will always find a way to create havoc.

Then why all the screaming and shouting and over the top rhetoric. OK, this is where I start to get a little paranoid. If the target really isn't criminals or wackos, who is it? Well, who is left. Honest gun owners. It is my humble opinion that the liberal population of the country would like to disarm the rest of us. Some people would still have guns, of course. But now the politicians could have complete control over who has them and what they have. They would also have a list of names and addresses if they wanted to take the guns away.

There are two reasons that could be at the base of this plot, if it is a plot. If you are a pure blooded liberal, it is all about feelings. And wouldn't it be just such a perfect world if there were no guns and everybody could be safe and all that kind of stuff. That is one possibility.
There is one more possibility. I'll leave it to you dear readers to work that one out for yourselves.

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