Wednesday, February 20, 2013

China, Really

There have been a number of cyber-invasions of the US recently. In fact, barely a day goes by that there is not some American business or some government agency that is subject to a hacker attack. The consensus of opinion seems to be that the Chinese military as at the root of most of this onslaught. 

This is not surprising. The Chinese government is immune to retribution or even any attempt to stymie their efforts as long as the present administration is in power. This administration fears the Chinese because we owe them so much money. Mr. Obama's over the top spending spree has been largely financed by Beijing. And since Mr. Obama loves spending other people's money, he never knows when he may have to go, hat in hand with head bowed and say, "please sir, may I have more". 

So they are allowed to invade our computers, copy American intellectual property, steal our military secrets, and then send send their young over for scientific and mathematical education in our best universities. The administration does not negotiate with the Chinese with skill and strength. China pretty much gets their own terms. Don't want to upset worlds largest ATM machine, you know. Not to put too fine a point on it, the administration fears China and China knows it.

I have heard Donald Trump speak on this subject. Regardless of what you feel about Donald Trump personally, he is a good business man and knows whereof he speaks. He is disgusted by the relationship between the Obama White House and Beijing. And he is not shy about speaking out on the subject.

The fact of the matter is we have a great deal more power than the administration is willing to exert. After  all what can the Chinese do? Repossess Hawaii. We are their biggest trading client. They cannot afford to lose the business that they export to the US on a daily basis.
We can go after them legally to protect intellectual property. When they attack our computers, don't just go defensive. Attack their computers tenfold. Allow their young to take only liberal arts courses in our schools. No math, no science.

This is our country. There are some of us that love and respect it enough to want it protected. I believe I recall certain things like that in certain oaths of office. It is about time for the government to put on their big boy pants and quit campaigning and start governing.

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