Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We Finally Have A State Sponsored Religion and Some More on Benghazi

To make my point, here is how I wish to define a religion. A religion is a group of like minded persons involved in a relationship with a deity or deities and having that relationship define aspects of their behavior. I think that works as a simple basic definition. And it seems to apply from Roman Catholicism through Wicca.

Now, we need to look at part of the first amendment to the Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".
I take this to mean that the state cannot establish a religion or interfere with one religion in favor of another. This is exactly, to my mind, what they are doing.

What religion are they favoring, you might ask? My answer would be the religion of Atheism. Those that practice Atheism would probably deny that it is a religion. Now obviously there is a fairly large group of like minded people. Their involvement with a deity is a denial which is, in fact, a negative relationship. But it is still a relationship with a deity.  That relationship absolutely controls aspects of their behavior as regards to other religions.

So there you have it. Every time a judge forces a town to rip down the Christmas Nativity Scene in the town square they are supporting one religion over another. When they force a city to eliminate a mural of the Ten Commandments, they are favoring Atheism. No Menorah on the city hall lawn. Once again they are destroying the first amendment. 

It has been traditional in the United States to honor religions. All religions! You never hear most Christians complaining about  a Menorah being displayed. If Wiccans put up a display at summer solstice, most folks would be more interested than offended. It seems to be the prerogative of the Atheists to complain whine and get their way that no one should be able to enjoy public displays of their faith. 

There is nothing quite so dismal as a group of people that find offense in the joy of others. To have your inner being shrink down and dry out so much that the happiness of others takes away what little happiness that you find in life is just sad. So I posit that the government, by minimizing the happiness of others so that they may be no happier than the Atheists, make Atheism a religion unconstitutionally supported and established by the government. This must not be allowed to stand. Allow everyone the right to publicly display their faith, and allow the Atheists the right to look away.

I just finished a new Ebook by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb. It is titled "Benghazi:The Definitive Report". It is available for Kindle if you wish to buy it. It is reasonably priced. How ever, I find it not definitive. The authors' expertise certainly adds perspective. It also adds to the amount of information available to the American public. The information about John Brennan's private war in Africa run through the White House without the knowledge of the military, the State Department, or the CIA is stunning. This alone makes the book worthwhile.  But it does not tell us who in the State Department ignored the requests for more security made by Ambassador Stevens before the attack. It does not tell who in government was monitoring the feed from the two, yes two, drones that were overhead. Finally it does not tell us if an AC-130A Spectre was available at either Aviano AFB or NAS Sigonella in Italy or why no fighter jets were used to try to break up the attack. More info, yes. Definitive, not quite.

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