Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thoughts on the Morning After

My first thought is "thank God it's over". If I never see another political ad it will be too soon.

I am disappointed by the result, of course, but not terribly surprised. It is awfully hard to beat a candidate when he has eighty percent of the press as a sales force. While they trash the opposition, they cover their favorite's back. There is no way to beat that kind of power. 

Chris Christie's, Mr. Rogers moment with Barack Obama as they strolled, arm in arm, on the New Jersey shore helped Obama beyond gold. Christie should have had better sense. He gained nothing except an open Republican nomination in 2016. Gee, was that the point?

Obama won, but that does not give him a mandate for carte' blanche liberal ideology. I doubt that he believes this. Remember, the Republicans still control the House. The public has shown that they do not want Obama to have infinite power. The House is in the best position to control excesses by the President. They haven't had the stomach to exert those controls before now. Maybe it is time to stand up and be counted. They control the purse strings, use that power.

In the name of human sanity, could we put a time limit on political campaigns?

As I write this, the Dow is down about 180 points. No surprise.

Yesterday the country took another giant step to Eurofication. The "hand out" part of society is now equal to the "hand up" portion of society. I still hope for a return to American exceptionalism. But, I fear, it will take some time.

In my humble opinion, financial matters will not improve in the foreseeable future. More government deficit spending, more taxes, more regulation, and Obamacare are going to force businesses to continue holding cash and not expand either work forces or facilities. Continued "quantitative easing" (printing money) will keep interest rates down and force the value of the dollar lower.

Has four dollar a gallon gasoline become the new normal? Stand by for six.

In spite of the wind in his face, Romney ran a beautifully timed campaign. He peaked out perfectly. Where he failed was in defining himself and his product. His campaign became background noise as Obama was heard shouting from the roof tops of America. While the Democrats were running a campaign like aliens from outer space come to drain your blood, the Republican ran their campaign like the Polite Young Men's Debating Society. That is not today's politics.

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  1. The election honestly came down to how well each candidate explained their plans for the future. Romney continuously harped on his "Five Point Plan", but failed to elaborate past the basic concepts, such as "We need to create more jobs". While Obama hasn't accomplished the task of nullifying the unemployment rate and eliminating our national debt in those long four years (note the sarcasm), I had no idea why I should vote for Romney other than the fact that he was a businessman and thus had credentials to bring us out of a recession. If Americans wanted a businessman running the country, we might as well have elected Donald Trump. Romney lied, falsified evidence, and bumbled into multiple PR disasters during his campaign. He gave voters no basis on which to formulate an educated opinion, and speculation isn't any way to decide who will become President.