Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Am Crankier Than Usual

Yes dear reader your Cranky Conservative is even crankier than usual. Maybe even crankier than he has ever been. First of all, I admit that I completely misread (well, maybe not completely) the election. I wasn't crazy about Romney at first. But he did well in the debates. He seemed to be getting clear of the Democrat smear campaign. It looked like his timing was perfect going into the last two weeks. I was expecting a full on attack at the end. But poor old Mitt got nervous. He was probably afraid of seeming impolite. So he just hid in the closet and whispered through the door.

But he had a great deal of help in his debacle loss. His old line advisers had him convinced he was a winner and didn't want him to make a mistake and blow it. So they took no chances,  kept a quiet tone and blew it. And, of course, you can always rely on those to the right of the political mid-stripe to ignore the good, insisting on the perfect. What on God's good green earth were you people thinking? He wasn't conservative enough? He was a Mormon? He missed a couple of gotcha questions? He was too rich? He was too successful? 

Well I have some information for you, just in case you missed the news broadcasts. You have managed by staying home to turn the country over to the most out of control liberal ideologue in the political arena today and maybe ever. And he cares not a wit about you or this country's great history. He cares about converting this country into a socialist Eden where the government controls your life, cradle to grave. 

Am I overstating my case? I dearly hope so. There are many out there that share my view. Most of us continue to fight with the one weapon we have. The printed word. We try to persuade as best we can. So much of the big media is controlled by the liberal supporters a lot of the task falls back to us little guys that reach out to a small audience. And too many times we are preaching to the choir. But if enough of us push on we may make a difference.

But now that the deed is done and the election is over I watch the news expecting those faithful Republicans who retained control of the House with the help of those that live on in the Senate to stand up and be "the country's loyal opposition". To make their voices heard and to stand like a granite boulder in the path of the liberal juggernaut. Well I seem to be in for another disappointment. Your average Republican seems to have about as much spine as a night crawler. I know what I do with night crawlers. I use them for trout bait. That is about all they're good for. That and oxygenating a compost heap.

So here we are friends. I'm cranky and with good reason. I have fought this fight in one way or another since 1960. I even ran for office myself a couple of times. I've been a campaign manager and a ward committee chairman. It sometimes gets difficult when you see people toss the hard work of others away like a used tissue. It makes me cranky.

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