Monday, November 12, 2012

Pols Need to get a GRIP.

OK, sorry I shouted. But I am angry and frustrated. I really wanted to write on Benghazi. Lord knows it's a mess and getting worse. But I have time for that. As I have some background in economics, I do enjoy writing on that subject since most people, even those that  should, don't know their butt from page eight about it. I have also spent a great deal of my life in sales. Which means I have acquired some negotiation skills.

Enough about me. Let's talk about Barack Obama and John Boehner. It seems to me that what both of them call negotiation is "my way or the highway". Bad tactic. Even if you are the President of the United States, in all your self aggrandizement. Mr. President, you may think that you are the power player here. I am sure that those around you feed right into that image. And Mr. Speaker, I'm sure you feel since you were able to keep the House, that you are the one with the mandate. You are both wrong!

What the two of you do in the next forty-five days will determine the complexion of the country for the next generation. I have some suggestions which, if you will stoop to listen, may help. First, both of you ease up and actually listen to the other side. We are all Americans and will have to live with your results.

Mr. President, you do not have a mandate to raise taxes, but I understand why you feel that you do. Take your lower limit back from two hundred thousand to a million, a million five would be even better, and raise the rate one percent. Listen to the Republican plan to close loopholes. Cut spending. Mr. president, spending is out of control. This needs to be done. It is more important and more helpful than  a tax increase. Pass a bill for at least one year, two would be better.

Mr. Speaker, you must accept some tax increases. Wounds must be healed. Negotiations must be entered honestly. You have power, Mr. Speaker. But the power that you have is to destroy the Republic. Make it work. The burden is on you more than it is on the President. Fail and your name will be Anathema.

After the two of you get this done pull "Simpson-Bowles" out of the drawer and get some serious budget controls in place for the long term.

Mr. President, your ideas about regulating energy and business are stultifying the economy. That is all on you. Continue down this road and the burden of a destroyed economy will be your history.

I see young people getting an education with the hope of a bright future. The power plays of politicians seem to do more harm than good in spite of their grandiose speeches. How about doing what is right for the future and right for the country for a change.

 I would like those of you that think my blog is worth your while to pass the link along to others that may enjoy it. Although I gain nothing by an increase in readership it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I feel I am being successful in my modest efforts.  Thank you all.

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