Saturday, November 3, 2012

One Last Shot

This will be my last blog before the most important election in my lifetime. We are existing with a failed president who is desperately trying to win a second term. A second term that he has not earned and does not deserve. He came into office after standing majestically in front of Greek columns and with supporters that saw a golden aura about their boy king. He came into office on a grand promise of "Hope and Change". The hope soon became hopelessness and the change was for the worse.

Obama came into power as the most powerful leader in the world. He had the House. He had the Senate. He had the Presidency. But even this was not sufficient unto his needs. He immediately appointed forty some czars subservient and answerable only to him. He endowed his agencies with extra-legal power and allowed laws to be ignored to allow himself to circumvent the Constitutional balance of  power.

Then faced with a dying economy he devoted the first and most powerful two years of his administration to a government takeover of health care and doling out largess to his biggest supporters. The country needed jobs. The administration gave us Obamacare and having our money passed out to green energy companies on their way to bankruptcy court. Two years gone. Two years wasted.

When the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2010, Obama and his minions shifted gear. With a presidential election coming up in a mere two years, Obama went full time on the campaign trail and the Senate was left behind to make sure that nothing was passed for which the Republicans could take credit. Which essentially means that nothing of consequence was passed.

All the while the administration is passing out money at a record pace. With the highest deficits of any president and a National Debt of sixteen trillion dollars the country is on the edge of a financial cliff and all the administration can devise to do is continue to print and borrow.  And what is their plan should they be given another four years. More of the same. Insanity. 

But it won't be just more of the same. It will be more of the same on steroids. The IRS will be requiring more personal information from the people because they will be administering the financial parts of Obamacare. The EPA will be able to shift their regulatory machine into high gear as there will be no limits. And Obama wants to appoint a "Secretary of Business". Businesses do not need somebody in  government to tell them how to run their businesses. They need the government to get out of the way.

Finally, there is "taxmeggadon". Obama has stated that he will let the country go over the cliff with tax increases because that will let him "own the Republicans". They either cave to his wishes before his second term or if they don't he can blame them for just about any problems that occur in his second term. And we all know how Obama loves to have a scapegoat to blame.

For the sake of the country, Obama must not be given a second term. If he is given a second term, it will take a generation to repair the damage. As I have said, I am an independent conservative. I started supporting Romney because I feared four more years of Obama. As the campaign progressed I came to appreciate Romney as a candidate and as  a man. I admit that he is somewhat lacking in the charisma department. But do we need charisma or competence. I say, competence every time. Right now to get the country back on track we have to get business back on track. This is Romney's area of greatest expertise. He doesn't need a Secretary of Business because he understands business. Large or small. Romney is the man we need now for President. 

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