Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Thoughts Thirteen

It was my intention to write something more on Benghazi this morning. But every time I look at the TV or turn to my computer there seems to be just a few more things coming out. Now it is Benghazi/Petreaus. So I spent the last three hours putting together a cast of characters and a time line for future reference. 

But I will make a few observations. First, you could not make this stuff up. The raid and all surrounding it is a pure tragedy. There must be complete hearings. The country deserves the truth. But everything since then is pure comic opera. The country's premier General of the Army and his biographer, who is also a Military Academy graduate, have an affair while they're flying around the world at taxpayer expense. Two hot cougars, one being the mistress, get into an email cat fight. The other hot cougar gets her FBI pal involved. An FBI guy that sends her topless pictures no less. At that point it probably was not an FBI issue. But the agent was a guy, and you know how guys think when there's a hot cougar involved. And now he is in deep hot water. So, anyway, they start digging into the email thing and what do they find? They find 20 to 30 thousand pages of emails from another big deal general to hot cougar number two. Do you know how much time it takes to create that much email. The man obviously had no time to do any generaling due to time constraints caused by email creation. If you saw this in a movie the reaction would be wonderment that any one would believe that people at that level would act like that. Bizarre. 

As for the original Benghazi debacle, I have looked at that whole sequence in all of the news reports I could find. In my opinion, everyone of note that had anything to say about this whole mess has either lied or been so far out of the loop they believed the lies of others. That is the only way I can understand both the differences between what people say, what people say at different times, and the reality as observed on the ground. It has to be a cover up. That is the only thing that makes any sense. But a cover up for what? I can think of three things that they would want to cover up. One is so far out there that I won't even mention it. The least likely of the two remaining theories is that there was in fact a secret prison at the consulate and the cover up is to prevent that from coming out. Possible, but I don't buy it. My choice is that the raid was covered up so as not to interfere with the Obama re-election campaign. After all "Al Qaeda is dead". Obama destroyed them. So it couldn't have been terrorists. Except that Al Qaeda isn't destroyed and it was terrorists. But whatever the outcome, all involved must testify under oath before congress. Everyone, or the stench will remain with this administration forever.

The Obama administration is producing sixty-nine new regulations a day. That, I'm sure, will go a long way toward helping businesses come back from the recession. I was afraid of four more years of the same. Now I fear four more years of worse. I think we'll be looking back on the good old days of only  eight per cent unemployment.

Conservatives, stop buying print newspapers or magazines. The media has supported our opposition, why should we support them. Get your news on line and you will be better informed. The loss of our business will hurt them as they have hurt our country. Time for payback. 

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