Friday, November 9, 2012

The Necessaries are Necessary.

As Obama starts into his second first term, there are some things that are necessary for him to do if he does not want to be remembered as the most failed president ever. The first thing necessary is for him to fold up that huge ego of his and stuff it in his back pocket. He should leave it there until he gets out of office. He has not lived up to his own self image regardless of what his mirror tells him every morning. Mirrors lie.

The second necessary item on the list is to actually reach out to the Republicans. When first elected, Obama said, "I am the president for all Americans". He then governed or ruled if you wish, from the far left. He explained to the Republicans, "I won". From that point there was no place for the Republicans at the table. For any kind of success, that must change.

Necessary item number three is to stop blaming other people for every bad thing that happens. In particular, stop blaming George W. Bush. The problems at the end of his administration had two root causes. The first, and most ignored, is that for the last two years of the Bush presidency the Democrats controlled Congress. It was they that indulged in a wild spending spree. The second cause was that Bush could not find his veto stamp. That is where he is culpable. He allowed the rash of spending and never said, enough.

My next item of necessaries is for the president to get some control over Harry Reid. His pugnacious, "my way or the highway" attitude does not make for co-operation. He may control the Senate but the country has a right to see both side's ideas discussed in a reasonable forum. The United States Senate was once called "world's greatest  legislative body". Under Mr. Reid no one would repeat that reference.

The next necessary is to encourage the replacement of Nancy Pelosi as minority leader in the House. Some of her bon mots are less than helpful and she doesn't play well with others. I think that with a more out reaching minority leader and an attitude adjustment by Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Boehner might be found to be less obstreperous. Nobody likes to be ignored.

While we are on necessary changes in relationships, a weekly invitation to the combined leadership to the Oval Office for coffee and conversation might work well to loosen up the gridlock. A little team building and sharing of ideas might be helpful. To put it bluntly, stop acting like a dictator in a bubble.

One last necessary. You do not understand business. If you really want to create jobs, stop what you are doing. Find out from successful people with real world experience what is needed. Then do it. Continue on the same path that you are on and you will fail. Guaranteed.

I don't expect that you will ever see this, Mr. President. If you should see it, I don't think that you will either heed it or even believe it. That does not prove that it is not good advice. Nor does it prove that it wouldn't work. What it might prove is that you are so rigid in your ideology that you cannot tell good from bad and might not even care.

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