Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Debate, As I Saw It

It was quite a night at Hofstra. Little good. A lot of bad. A ton of ugly. It was less a debate than it was a cat and dog fight. With two cats and one dog. It was very hard to watch, knowing that one of these two people, the ones at the podiums, were going to be our next President.

Note to Donald Trump: Mitt Romney totally ripped Barack Obama in the first debate. There are two more debates. You still have a chance to get it right. Attitude adjustment required.

There are things that Mr. Trump needs to do to polish up his act. He needs to speak in complete logical English sentences and stop echoing himself. He has to stop acting as, because he in in the room, all other personalities dim in comparison. He has to keep his eyes open, his head up, stop looking bored, smile more, and look directly into the camera. He also has to trouble himself to get a grasp of facts, figures, and statistics.

As I said, there were two cats in that cat and dog fight. While Hillary was a bobcat, fighting even against Trumps pit bull demeanor, she had another cat with big claws joining her attack in the person of Lester Holt. The man who should have been a neutral moderator was anything but.

When Hillary was cornered, Mr. Holt was there to distract. When she needed to make points, Mr. Holt was ready with a softball gently thrown over the plate. If Donald seemed to be on a roll, Mr. Holt was there to interrupt and up the ante with a more intrusive question.

Hillary had no plans nor logical programs. Many points that she made were incorrect. Her grasp of economics and war fighting is sub-standard. Her premise for running for President seems to be, I am a woman, it is my turn, and I will be Obama squared.

While everyone will draw their own opinions of a mediocre debate, those are mine. My main conclusions still is that it is a sorry mess we have gotten ourselves into.

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  1. I have to agree with you. I have seen no moderator that understands, or is willing to understand, the rules of debate. They should get the Harvard Debate Team Captain and see if he or she can pull off the position of moderator.
    Hillary has run solely on attack ads, as she has no plans. I think Donald has been advised to focus and calm down. He needs to be who he is and rip her up. This, however, will be impossible with the media body blocking any grenades lobbed at her.