Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Helping Hand For Embarrassed Liberals

There has been a picture floating around the internet for a little while now showing the Trump sons standing over a very dead triceratops. It is a great little photo. This picture was taken out on the street and shown to liberals who were asked if it was right and proper for the Trumps to be killing such a rare animal.

They were all shocked and amazed that the Trumps would do such an "unconscionable thing. Rare animals like the triceratops should be preserved in their natural habitat. "

Since triceratops is a dinosaur and has been extinct for quite some time now, this is very embarrassing for people of the liberal persuasion. 

I got to thinking that there may be an explanation, and like those crypto-biologists on the History Channel, I was going to investigate. 

I started with a examination of the photo. As I have some Photoshop experience, I could be my own expert. Great, I didn't have to pay anyone. After a very careful perusal, I decided that it as least as real as those Bigfoot movies.

So then I started to ponder how they could get up close and personal with an extinct creature. I picture formed in my mind of a Delorean with a Flux Capacitor. Oh sure, the movie Back to the Future was supposed to be fiction.

But was it really? The Trumps have money. Money can buy access to technology unknown to the rest of us. So, suppose that rigged out Delorean was real. Suppose that one could reverse the polarity on that Flux Capacitor and go into the past.

Suddenly it all became very clear. Those liberals, in their own inimitable style, were on to something that the rest of us had missed.

So, I suggest that liberals carry a copy of that picture along with this highly scientific analysis around with them as proof that they are about a smart as we thought they were.

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