Monday, September 12, 2016

Pitiful Times

I have not been too productive in my writing of late. There are a few reasons for this. Some personal. Most have to do with the news and the presidential campaign. Without a doubt, this is the worst political campaign for the major office of our land that I have ever experienced.

There are hugely important issues out there that are virtually ignored by the press and the candidates. One side tells us that, despite what we see and experience, all is great we just need to do more of the same things that haven't worked, backing that up with insults for those who see things differently.

The other side seems to recognize some issues but says nothing convincing as to solutions. And as they progress with their campaign lite they frequently shoot themselves in the foot supplying blood for the ever adverse press corps.

One of the most important issues is that some, who knows how many, of the Islamic faith are trying to import sharia law into this country and control our political future. They are at war with us, the kaffirs, and those that should protect us don't even acknowledge the enemy. In fact they go out of their way to coddle those who hate us.

Our economy is in the toilet and Wall Street is living in a financial bubble. The FED is in a quandary. They have a tiger of their own making by the tail and the don't know how to let go without bringing the whole economy down.

The country's financial growth is at a standstill. Good jobs are lacking. I see men, who in better times, would be earning good salaries, stocking shelves, delivering groceries, or waiting table in neighborhood restaurants. All honest work but not what people aspire to.

But our leaders create more regulations that drive people out of the work force. They attack the Bill of Rights as an impediment to their control. Issues need discussion by those who seem ill equipped to discuss anything of merit. Make no mistake, we are the fools that allowed this to happen. We are the ones tasked to straighten it out.

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