Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Four

The political reporting, if you can call it that, is the worst I have seen in my lifetime. Both Kennedy and Bill Clinton had a big advantage in the press. But I have never seen the press be the campaign tools that they are now. It is beyond shameful.

Thank God we will have professional football to restore some sanity in the news and particularly on the TV.

I love politics. I have been a political junky from a very young age. This year isn't politics. This is just viciousness. Upright and honest is out. Greed, dishonesty, and character assassination is in. Our two major candidates both cannot be trusted. We know it, but the press is trying to make us believe we are wrong. The whole campaign smells.

The winds are just starting to pick up but the rain has not started yet. It looks like the leftovers of Hermine are on the way. Except for the damage that may be done, I secretly love watching big storms. Hurricanes, blizzards, big lightning storms are truly awesome. I have never seen a tornado, but I think I am willing to take a pass on that experience.

It appears to me that Hillary is wilting under the pressure. She is constantly surrounded by handlers. This torrent of, "I don't remember", answers to the FBI makes her either a liar or someone with a mental deficiency. If either case is true she should not be running for President. A Hillary presidency could turn out to be the Cheryl and Huma show.

Has Chelsea picked a campaign manager yet? I'll bet plans are being made.

So, China has insulted our President. North Korea has insulted our President. Russia has insulted our President. The Philippines has insulted our President. Turkey has insulted our President. Mexico has insulted our President. The Queen of England has insulted our President. Iran has insulted all of us. And all of our old allies are angry at us. I guess, in a very peculiar way, he is uniting the world.

Just to repeat, Hillary says that she thinks that Obama's policies are great. She wants to double down. God help us if she wins.

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