Saturday, September 24, 2016

Free Fire Zone

Once again, we have learned the true value of a "gun free zone". And we have learned it the hard way. As criminals and madmen don't give a rats rear end about our rules, "gun free zones" actually become free fire zones for them.

The perpetrator of that vicious attack at a mall in Washington state walked in with a rifle. He destroyed the lives of five people. Then he walked out disappearing into the countryside. He may, eventually, be caught and punished. That will not bring those five good citizens back. Also, if he is smart and careful, he may never be found. And that is so much worse.

The point is that those innocents in the mall had no means of defense and the shooter knew that he would be unchallenged. While this is a horrendous crime it is also a striking metaphor.

The liberal progressives of America want to discard the second amendment and disarm the honest and law abiding populous of this country. Their ideal is to make our country their own huge "gun free zone".

Of course, that does not mean that their would be no guns. The police, the military, criminals, and terrorists would still have firearms at their disposal. The criminals and terrorists would be the least of our worries.

Who controls the police and the military? Lifetime, power hungry, career politicians many of whom are globalists. We are not just talking a few guns here. We are talking about millions of large caliber weapons, many fully automatic along with a plethora of various armored vehicles. 

The American people would no longer be citizens, we would be subjects. As a large number of these politicians would do anything for money, those who control their money would control them and the fate of our nation.

Many reading this, I'm sure, are thinking, that could never happen. But then, on the other hand, maybe.........

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