Saturday, May 14, 2016

You Can Do It

You don't need the government to do it for you. Do what, you may ask? Anything. Back in the day, folks got up in the morning and set out on their day. Whether school or work, they strove to do the best that they could. People lived modestly. More people rented homes than owned them. Most tried to put a little money away for the future. 

In those days, most did not go to college. They worked in mills and factories. The best and the brightest worked their way up the ranks to foreman or even higher. There was no shame in working with your hands. There were apprentice programs that taught the equal of a college education as a machinist, or carpenter, or plumber. There was, and still is, good money to be made in the trades.

Every family had one main goal. That was that their children did better than they did. There were taxes, but they weren't terribly burdensome. Other than that the government pretty much stayed out of your life. Ask folks in those days about the future and most would have said the future looks good.

Somewhere along the line something happened. The government, in an exercise in groupthink, decided that we needed more people with college educations because manual labor was beneath us. So they found ways to get more people into the colleges and universities to get, mostly, BA degrees. Which, pretty much, prepared them for no job at all.

Office buildings filled up with educated pencil pushers. It became impossible for a family to live on one salary, so wives hit the work force. Then LBJ initiated the "War on Poverty". Last I checked, poverty is still winning. And suddenly, or maybe not so suddenly, the government owned the populous. 

Now it seems that every move a person makes has to be approved by some government entity. It is harder every day to live below the government radar. Big Brother gets bigger every day. And that is just wrong. That is not how our republic was designed. 

We have to start to reverse the trend. Americans have got to get their independence back. The government must be constrained to the limits of the Constitution. We have really got to vote putting America and the American people first. The overbearing politicians need a beat down. You can do it.

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