Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All Things, Great And Small

The United States is a nation under duress. Not as dire as Venezuela nor as perverse as most of Europe, perhaps. But as a people who value common sense, domestic peace, and mutual respect, duress is definitely what we are under.

To make matters worse, we are in the midst of a Presidential campaign that can only be described as "whackadoodle". If you haven't run across that word before, it is pretty much self-defining.

We have great issues that need to be resolved to bring our country back to the stability that we value. Foremost is the jobs situation. Decent jobs have been disappearing to be replaced with part time or short time jobs. More and more, I see people in their prime years who are trying to support families and get their kids educated, working as clerks in stores or servers in restaurants. They are trying to make the best of a bad situation.

We have an inrush of illegal aliens who are completely unvetted. We have no idea of their country of origin, their political ideology, or even what possible communicable diseases they are carrying. To make matters even worse we have foolish politicians declaring sanctuary cities to protect them.

Our military is decimated and is being used as a living laboratory for social   experimentation. This while veterans in need of medical care are languishing while waiting for the VA to get fixed. That never seems to happen.

With all of this, our Presidents big focus is on LGBT rights. We have a republic that was meant to prevent the tyranny of the majority. But those who would lead us have turned it into the tyranny of the minority.

Both the sitting President and his chosen successor are determined to destroy the coal mining industry and eliminate the jobs it provides. Both are fighting the non-existant war on women just to garner votes. Any opposition is labeled either racism or sexism. Meanwhile we are fed a constant stream of lies.

Once again, many of us, myself included, will hold their nose and vote for the lesser of two evils for President. Although I am less than happy with the Republican candidate, anyone that is in line to be the Democrat candidate would be so harmful to the future of this country, that I must support the Republican candidate, whoever.

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