Saturday, May 28, 2016

Government By Cockamamie

The pen and the telephone have turned our country into a government of cockamamie ideas. Our President has convinced himself, with the enthusiastic assistance of the liberal press, that he is the smartest living human being. So, in that role, he feels obliged to make up rules and regulations for the rest of us lesser folk to follow to improve the world.

In Obama world minority groups are revered. The smaller and more outre the better. The important thing is that they have rights. And their rights must exceed the rights of the majority because that is only fair. So now, to make the LGBTs happy, none of us are sure what public rest room we are to use or who we are likely to meet in there. The problem comes if you are a small woman or a young girl and you find a forty year old two hundred pound pervert who is feeling girly today in the ladies room. Cockamamie idea.

In Obama world the decisions made by previous administrations, back to George Washington, are suspect. He feels that America has been intrusive and overreaching. Especially where nuclear weapons are concerned. In Hiroshima he stated a desire for a nuclear free world. This is very odd as he just paved the way for Iran to become a nuclear power. Can he actually believe that Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia would ever give up their ultimate weapon? Cockamamie idea.

In Obama world many of our prison population are there because life has been hard. They didn't live in nice neighborhoods and missed out on the advantages enjoyed by those with "white privilege". So he has handed out thousands of presidential "get out of jail free cards" to poor deprived and mislead souls. So every day the population of thieves, thugs, and rapists increases on our streets. Cockamamie idea.

In Obama world Guantanamo Bay is a disgrace. He has sworn to close it since day one of his term. Gitmo is the perfect place to hold prisoners of war. They keep the worst of the worst there. While they are there they are well treated and have better medical care than most Americans. But Mr. Obama feels that its existence encourages Muslim youth to jihad. There is no proof. To him, no proof is needed. So he sends them to other countries who's leaders swear to hold them. Somehow many of them find their way back into combat against us. Just another cockamamie idea. 


  1. You are so correct about Obama and his world. I refer to his form of economics obamunism. I don't understand why he chose to run for the highest office of a country he detests. His legislative actions have hurt my family in three ways. The bank reform legislation opened the door for the banks to increase interest rates on credit card debt. Since 2010 our credit card minimum payments exceed our mortgage. The affordable care act raised not only the price of my health insurance, but also increased the deductible on this policy. The allowing of illegal immigrants to flock into the country endangers us all, reduces salaries and the number of jobs at a time when many of our citizens are out of work. Thanks so much for your posts. It is nice to know that i am not alone out here in my opinions. Cheers to you CC!

  2. Thank you for your kind words.It is good to hear from you again. I assure you, there are many out in reality world who agree with us. Keep the faith! CC

  3. You are most welcome CC. Yes! We are not alone, I don't give up easy. I know that you don't either. Take care.