Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Standards. What?

I am struggling to find things to write about that don't involve annoying political figures. As most are annoying, that is a challenge. But today's general insanity usually has something surface that is so stupid that I must go there.

I came across an article that tells about a coalition of lawmakers and activists that want the federal government to change the uniforms of park rangers in national parks. The reason. So illegal aliens will feel more comfortable. Really?

It seems that the standard uniform is somewhat similar to immigration enforcement uniforms. Poor babies. They sneak into our country illegally and expect us to be concerned about their mental comfort.

The fact is that uniforms set those with responsibility apart from the general public. It gives the wearers a sense of unity, identity, and pride. They convey to the public the level of authority and responsibility of those wearing the uniform. It is all about standards.  

In our Justice Department, criminals are no longer criminals. They have morphed into "justice involved individuals". More standards just slipping away. Moral relativism run amok. If you don't call it criminal it becomes just another lifestyle. Prosecution is persecution. We should be more understanding.

Meanwhile these same people are pushing white privilege as a sort of crime, and if that sort-of criminal happens to be Christian too, guilt is assured. It used to be an accepted standard of behavior that we respected people and their religion. Now we are taught that people of religion are weak and fanciful. But in truth it is the standards brought by religion that allowed the United States to grow great and strong.

Look at our country now. Look at the anger and bickering. Look at the rudeness and impolite behavior. That is the result of losing our standards. If all thing are equal, act like an animal, act like a fool, act like a bully, it is all the same.

If you think that I exaggerate, and many do, then you have not been paying close enough attention. We are losing our standards, and in doing so, we are losing our humanity.

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