Thursday, May 19, 2016

Image vs. Substance

The people of America deserve the best and the brightest who are willing to go into public life and serve their country. Gender, race, and personal feelings should be of no consideration in the vetting process. 

This is especially true of those who may be appointed to the Supreme Court. Scholarship, a calm objectivity, and to understand completely the ramifications of those issues that come before them is essential. Also, they must have a respect for the Constitution and the limits placed on the court in our tripartite government.

Donald Trump has presented a list of those people that he would consider for the Supreme Court under a Trump Presidency. New appointments to the court are of the most serious issues to be considered to protect the future of our country. A great many conservatives were concerned where Mr. Trump would fall on this issue. He presented this list to show his bona fides.

This list has been criticized by some because all on it are white. Those that make this criticism are more concerned with image than substance. Can we not at least try to go back to Martin Luther King Jr.'s hope of a color blind society. Some how we have swerved off of that road and seem to be riding in the gutter.

Mr. Trump never said that this list couldn't be expanded at some future time. What he did say was that any that may be added would be of the same mindset and level of qualification as the list that he did produce.

It was a good and wise move. Mr. Trump is actually starting to use some presidential style interspersed with his more usual over-the-top rants. What he has done has given many, some reassurance of the quality of his character.

An overall calmer and more thoughtful mode of operation might bring even more over to his side. He is aiming at the right targets but he is using a blunderbuss when a dart would be the superior weapon.

More reasonable and more experienced heads must be giving him this advice. It is up to him if he chooses to listen. It would benefit him and his campaign to do so.  

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