Sunday, May 29, 2016

White House Outreach

What ever happened to the First Amendment? Apparently President Obama, with his almighty pen and phone, has eliminated the ban on state sponsored religion. The administration now has a White House office of outreach to the Muslim community. So now we know what religion is sponsored by the Obama government.

There is no such outreach to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Shinto, or any other religion. The loudest and most powerful voices in Islam call America "the great Satan". We are the kaffir, the unclean, the infidel, never to be befriended and always the enemy.

Why then would an American President reach out to those who despise us as a religious tenet? Why would he invite those who would destroy us and our culture into our country with no vetting whatsoever. 

The questions that I ask needs no answer. The answer is obvious. We, the people who made this country great, are less in his estimation than those whom follow the teachings of Mohammad.

Those of you that think our President a wise and forward thinking leader, I invite you to take some time and read, slowly and with great thought, the Quran. You can get it in English or any other language on line. As President Erdogan of Turkey said, "there are no liberal Muslims. There are only Muslims." 

So what you read in the Quran is what those of the faith believe. Now many claim that they are peaceful and tolerant. That may be. But their tenet of taqiyya allows them to dissimulate, lie, to promote the power of Islam in the world.

So, my question is this, is the President just a naive politician or is he a practitioner  of taqiyya?

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