Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Today we honor those who have made the supreme sacrifice for their country. The military, of course, but also those quiet heroes whose names are never spoken and their stories never told. Also, those that wear the uniforms of law enforcement and fire services. These brave souls deserve more than one day, they deserve our eternal thanks.

God bless those who we have lost. God bless those that put themselves in harms way. And God bless America.


  1. Amen to everything you have written about our Veterans and first responders. My Dad was in the Marines and served in the Pacific from the Betio invasion in the Tarawa Atoll. He was at Saipan and Tinian too. His regimental commander was killed by a sniper on Saipan. He did not come home until the Japanese surrender in 1945. He did not see his daughter, my late sister until she was three years old. He and everyone of his generation are my heroes. They faced obstacles and overcame them in courageous and novel ways. I am amazed when i read about that period of history including the great depression. God bless those veterans and our current service people. The deserve more than we can pay them, or do for them.

  2. And of course those who gave their lives in WWII and all subsequent actions. Sorry that i left mention of them out of my earlier post.