Monday, February 8, 2016

The Sound Of Silence

The sound of silence is what you have heard from me in the past few days. The noise and clamor that abounds in all of the media about candidates, caucuses, primaries, a Super Bowl that I don't give a rodent's buttocks about, and winter weather, have caused the idea factory between my ears to shut down and all the workers to take a vacation. 

The last seven years have been hard on this country. The promised recovery never happened. We are deeper in debt, as a nation, than is sane or prudent. It appears that we might be on the verge of another recession and every Democrat candidate for President, existing or proposed, would only drive us further down this road. A road that dead ends at the edge of a cliff.

I had a lot of hope for the Republican candidates, but they have beaten and battered each other so badly that most of them are coming away as damaged goods. One candidate is an ego ridden braggart, not so different from what we have today. Another is so desperate that he put his elderly mother on TV to tell us what a good kind boy he is. Most of them are walking around with massive bruises and we haven't even finished round two yet.

Two candidates that I felt would make a good solid President/Vice President combination, who, through their own efforts as well as the efforts of others, are not looking so bright and shiny anymore. But I do see one more pair in the pack, less damaged and more rational, who could be formidable candidates. Time will tell. I won't put a curse on them by naming them. 

But, to be sure, we need a good solid conservative President that will get government off the back of both citizens and businesses. Government has become too intrusive and must be curbed or we will lose forever the freedoms that made America great.

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