Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Such A Muddle It Is

I am beginning to hate reading the news, hearing the news, or being exposed to the news in any way. It's a muddle. Common sense has long ago evaporated and we are working our way through stupidity into insanity. It all starts with the election.

Hillary sits there in an interview and sorta says that she never lied to the American people. In other word, she's lying about lying. Hill, we have the video tape. Then she say she has always worked for the people. It just happens that the people that she has worked for are her, Bill, and Chelsea. All the others, not so much.

Then we have Bernie the socialist, so beloved of the college set. They have graduated from high school, they are, mostly, attending institutes of higher education, yet they have never learned that socialism doesn't work. All they see is, free stuff for me, yippee!

The Republican side isn't a whole lot better. From a screaming rude egotist in the lead to a soft spoken doctor far out at the tail end, they all seem a bit muddle headed. Clarity is not to be found with any of them.

Then there is the Supreme Court strangeness. When the Republicans were in charge the Democrats insisted that no nominations should be made except by Democrats. Now that they are in charge they think that no nominations should be made except by really far left leaning Democrats. They are a highly nuanced bunch of power grubbers.

Remember that the extreme left, currently, the whole Democrat party, thinks that government should be in charge of everything. The fact that they constantly screw up what they are in charge of bothers them not at all. That gurgling sound that you may hear in the background is more freedom circling the drain. 

And, by the way, when did atheists get to be in charge? All I hear is atheists demand this and atheists demand that. They have no God given right (yes I did that on purpose) to demand anything.

You can't see what's in the TPP, until Congress passes it. Say goodbye to more jobs. Some young blacks are demanding segregation. We have jihadist training camps in this country. The world is getting more dangerous but our military is shrinking. We have a National Debt that is out of control, but the solution to every problem is to spend more money. But those problems never seem to get solved.

It is a muddle. I'm going back to bed and pull the blankets up over my head!

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