Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I am convinced that a major portion of the world's population have lost their minds. Things have been going a bit crazy for a while now, but it seems to get worse daily. An Argentinian soccer player got red carded (kicked out of the game), So he goes over to his bag, pulls out a gun and kills the referee. That is just double dog nuts.

The leading Democrat candidate for President, on TV, in front of the world, rolls her eyes and barks like a dog. At the same time, when in the south, she develops a drawl. During a speech in Harlem, she suddenly sounded like she just came out of the ghetto. Talk about all things for all people and pooches.

The leading, sort of, Republican candidate shouts, brags, and screams liar to all that oppose him, never giving a real agenda nor a valid plan. But his numbers keep going up. Wacko!.

The number two, and moving up, Democrat candidate is a transplanted socialist who moved from Brooklyn to Vermont. He wants the government to give everything away for free and tax, tax, tax to pay for it. Socialism has failed everyplace it has been tried and people have suffered. But he wants to try try again. 

Apple has been ordered by the courts to break into the phone of those murderous jihadists from San Bernadino. Apple is refusing because "it is too dangerous". What? Jihadists with weapons are not dangerous? Wack-a-doodle thinking.

An eighteen year old kid set up a false medical practice in Florida. Really? He didn't think that people would catch on when they  found the Doc was younger than their kids.

Kanye West thinks that he is qualified to run the world. But now it is said that he is fifty-eight million dollars in debt. And he wants other folks to bail him out. Live by the buck, die by the buck, fool. 

Over the years, many people of all colors fought segregation in America. Now, a major Northeast university is considering restoring a segregated dorm, at the request of some black students. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be so proud.

Finally, the Pope visited Mexico. He got jostled by the adoring crowd. And stood there shouting at them. Not very Pope-like.

These are just a few samples. But everything today seems a little bit weirder than normal. The presidential campaign alone, I have never seen anything like it. Watch the news for more fun and insanity.

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