Friday, February 26, 2016

LL Holds The Aces

Barack Obama is still President, albeit a lame duck. While he still tries to exert king like power, his history is catching up to him. He has, for the most part, installed sycophants into high government positions so that he had absolute control. But with less than a year left in his term, that power is rapidly eroding.

There may actually be some appointees out there that put love of country ahead of subservience to either the President or the Democrat party. I hope that Loretta Lynch is one of those, although there has been no evidence in that direction as yet.

In poker terms, AG Lynch is holding pocket aces. It is not obvious that she has the power hand. I hope that she realizes that she does and is willing to act on it. 

The FBI has a massive multi-faceted investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the activities of her aides. It is said that more than one hundred and fifty agents are involved. That is a lot of smoke. And we have all seen videotape of her obviously lying. With that much smoke, there must be fire.

It appears that the President and the Democrat power structure are doing their very best to cover for her. The worst that could happen is that the FBI closes the investigation without trying to get an indictment. That would ruin the reputation of the FBI and Director Comey.

It would be equally bad if they passed charges to AG Lynch, and she refused to call a Grand Jury. If nothing else, a strong appearance of criminal activity exists. This needs to be acted upon. With the country's problems as great as they are now, we cannot afford to have a Presidential candidate who has committed crimes and abetted others in criminal activity.

Ms. Lynch has armor clad power to do the right thing. By doing so, she will prove to the country that she is not a political tool. She will advance her own reputation and open up future possibilities the she would be denied. She has the aces. She should play them. 

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