Wednesday, February 10, 2016


New Hampshire has spoken. Hillary lost. OK, Bernie had some advantages going in. College kids, with no sense of history and little knowledge of economics, think Bernie is good for a bunch of free stuff. Vermont is his stomping grounds. After Washington of course. So he's considered a neighbor. And New Hampshire has become a liberal hotbed in recent years.

So, Hillary was expected to come up a little short on a cold and snowy primary day. Five percent. Seven percent. Certainly not twenty-two percent. That is crushing. Less than one in five Democrat primary voters think she should have a run at the presidency.

That had to hurt. I would love to have been "a fly on the wall", last night, when, out of the public eye, she could turn loose her widely feared temper. That must have been something to behold. My sympathies to her security team.

Even worse for her, her greatest protection from indictment was the premise that she would be a shoo-in as the Democrat nominee, and almost certainly the next President. That concept just hit a granite wall, so to speak.

So what will our crack team of legal experts, that would be Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch, do. Since Hillary is now damaged goods. And since, of the general public, only five percent find her to be honest. They can now find justification in turning the FBI loose and offering her up for indictment.

Listen closely and you can hear the hoof beats of a dark horse coming down the canyon and heading for the Democrat National Convention. But what is the name branded on the saddle of that dark horse? Three names come quickly to mind. Joe Biden, of course, has to be the first name to pop up. The second most obvious is Elizabeth Warren. A third name is Deval Patrick, the Harvard educated ex-governor of Massachusetts. 

I suspect that any one of these three are looking mighty attractive to both the DNC and President Obama at this point. Any one of them would eliminate a lot of drama and a lot of heavy baggage from the race. Say goodbye, Hillary.

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