Friday, February 12, 2016

Lying Is Corrosive

Lying is corrosive to the fabric of society. That is because so many are willing to believe the lie in spite of evidence to the contrary. That is why politicians, particularly liberal politicians, love their lies. 

They don't even call them lies. They call it being disingenuous. I guess they think that the plebeian society that they would rule is not smart enough to know what disingenuous means. But a lie by any other name is still a big fat lie.

But there are many people that live low on the information totem pole. Not that they're dumb, they just don't care. They have other things in their life that fills their time better than listening to politicians. 

But when they hear, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." or "This deal with Iran will stop them from building a nuclear bomb." they believe until they lose their doctor or they hear that Iran did a nuclear test.

I have found over the years that liberals value words more than deeds. And our current President has words about everything. Even when it would be wiser to refrain from opining, he cannot resist the temptation.

Remember when Professor Gates of Cambridge, Massachusetts screamed long and loud about his treatment by the police. Obama chimed right in on his behalf, castigating the them. In the end we found out they were doing their job by the book. But the damage was done. 

Now we have Bernie promising to give away the store and Hillary swearing that the FBI is merely doing a security check. The "vast right wing conspiracy" is still out to get her, and she had no responsibility for Benghazi.

Any one of us who write about this stuff could go on ad nauseum  with example after example. People need more disdain for the words spoken by pols. Half the lies they tell aren't true. The other half are gross exaggerations. 

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