Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who Has Their Head On Backwards?

Do you remember that old phrase? When someone did a completely masterful job of screwing something up, it was said that they "had their head on backwards". In the olden days when I was a kid, this was about at the top of the screw-up ladder. 

Today's "head on backward" award, once again, goes to that frequent winner, the Department of Homeland Security. It seems that one division or another is always at the top of the list for this award.

If it isn't ATF smuggling guns into Mexico, its the TSA groping grandmas. This time however, to be mildly crude about it, they have really screwed the pooch. It seems that the immigration bureau has regional offices. If a foreign traveler with a visa and identification drops into one of these offices and expresses a desire to stay in America, invest in a business, and employ at least ten people, he is given a green card, almost immediately, and without a background check. What a country. So open and helpful.

So guess what country is taking advantage of our good nature. You guessed it. It is our good friends from Iran. Sure, they call us the "Great Satan", and chant "death to America" a lot, but hey let them come anyway. So the artful dodgers that have been bamboozling our politicians since the days of Jimmy Carter get another shot at us with our compliments.

So an Iranian can come into the country, start a business, hire ten of his fellow countrymen, and possibly solicit business from the federal government. Maybe a computer consulting business where they can get up close and personnel with things they shouldn't be allowed near. I'm sure everyone can see the possibilities.

Meanwhile, just to balance the scales, the DHS continues to spy on their real enemy, honest Americans. They have just won another "Head On Backward" award.  

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