Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tolerance Is A One Way Street

I am getting extremely tired of liberals labeling conservatives as intolerant. They label themselves a progressive and extol the virtues of their own breed of tolerance. They love gays, transsexuals, cross dressers, folks with an affinity for barnyard animals, any body that marches to a different drummer, so to speak. They make sure not to label those that kill Americans shouting "Allahu Akbar" as terrorists. I have lost track, I think they call them freedom fighters or strangers in a strange land, or something like that. Their infinite degree of moral relativism allows, no, requires them to shout down those uneducated neanderthals that are so poorly schooled and of such low moral character as to find fault with the highly evolved liberal philosophies.

You see they love everyone. All ideas are welcome at their table. OK. maybe not so much. If you are a mullah that wants to kill homosexuals, that is acceptable because Islam is a religion of peace. If you are a priest of the Roman Catholic Church and preach that homosexual behavior is a sin, that is unacceptable hate speech and you may be considered a domestic terrorist. Or if your religious beliefs are fundamental and you quote the Bible, you will be vilified.   So, to the liberal mind, Christian speech must be stifled in spite of the first amendment.

If you are a layabout college dropout and take over a public park with a thousand or so of your closest friends. Then you hang there for a month or so of unwashed bodies and random violence, you must have an important political message for all to hear. Don't let the fact that you spout nonsense an live like animals stop you. Since you are young, inexperienced, and have been supported by over indulgent parents all your life, you can be sure the world is waiting for your wisdom.

But if you are older, have worked and paid taxes all your life, and you unite with others that feel that they have been Taxed Enough Already, you will be labeled "tea baggers" and thought of by those so very tolerant ones as terrorists. That is how it works in their, up is down, and, black is white, logic. So the first amendment does not apply to you either.

And to top off this whole pile of messy thinking, the DHS published a paper about how brave American soldiers who did what the government sent them to do are a danger to us all when they return home, labeling them as terrorists. In some cases these men have had federal agents show up at their homes to confiscate their privately owned firearms.

The country and it's government have gotten out of control. The tide of liberalism has overflowed the banks of reality. It is time for the tide to turn.  

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