Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Betrayal Thy Name Is Congress

I may be a conservative, but that does not mean that conservatives in government get a free pass when they do bad. This particular piece of nastiness reaches across the aisles to include almost everyone in Congress. There are exceptions, like Jeff Sessions and Kelly Ayotte and a few others but the majority seem dedicated to a very harmful path.

As everyone knows, we have a volunteer military. It is the finest military on the planet. That is not because of Washington politicians. It is in spite of Washington politicians. It seems to be a constant battle to keep important programs on track and eliminate older programs due to political interference.

But the men and women in our military persevere and get the job done. The military is a meritocracy. Work hard, do good, and you will benefit. They care not for your color, financial background, or even your life previous to the military. One can earn advancement in the ranks, get training, even get an education. The military has saved more than one young person. And, no, I am not so naive as to believe the system is perfect. I do believe it is very good. I also believe that a strong and prepared military is what stands between us and those that would do our country great harm.

Those that have devoted their lives to the military deserve honor and respect. Those that have spent twenty years or more for their country entered a pact with the leadership that, at the end of that time, they could retire on a decent pension. To me and many others this pact is sacrosanct. It should never be broken.

Now the degenerate spendthrifts in our Congress want to take money away from military pensions because they just never have enough money to waste. They have put the country so deeply in debt that we may not ever recover but they still can't stop themselves from spending more. Those of you reading this know their sins. You do not need for me to list them. We all know that this must change. We need no more "hope and change". We need to back up a bit and put solid ground under us. We need to go back to what made America great in the first place. We must stop the betrayal. 

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