Monday, December 30, 2013

Insanity or Inanity

There seem to be so many things, in recent years, that I don't understand. I think that I am a logical person with a sense of history but I just do not get Twitter. OK, maybe if you're ten, but adults? If I understand correctly, the idea is to get as many people as possible to follow your tweets. The twit that twitters, I assume that if you twitter, you are a twit, then produces an ongoing stream of nonsense, in 140 words or less, about every boring thing they do and every inane thought that passes through their head.

Ah, the charm of spontaneity. Unrehearsed and as raw as a freshly pulled carrot. Thank you, I'll take the carrot. It is far more useful. I am not sure, but I have a theory that every tweet that you read knocks a point off your IQ. Far to many people today can ill afford that sacrifice. A note to you twits out there, read a book, you will find your time better spent.

Now, while I feel that reading tweets is a boring waste of valuable time, I think writing them gets into an area somewhere between stupid and dangerous. Consider this. You are a dyed in the wool twit that feels his public is hanging on every word produced. Clipping your toenails, tweet it. Took a slug of cold medicine, big stuff. Get it out there. No harm, no foul, right. I understand that part of being a twit is to be a bit sarcastic and snarky. To produce tweets that cause excitement and, perhaps, a little anger from time to time. So what if you get angry or have a few to many adult beverages? What if you daringly range over into the world of non-politically correct.

Dangerous stuff, that. Didn't I just hear about a young woman that trashed a very promising career by being a twit? Jobs have been lost.  Police investigations have been begun. There are just so many ways to put your foot in it nowadays. 

Now that I have vented, I have one piece of advice. If your time is so useless and your life so empty that tweeting appeals to you, re-examine your life. Maybe do some volunteer work, take a course. You will be better for it.


  1. I hate twitter as you suggest. I also don't like Facebook...who gives a damn avbout wether you won a trophey for best farm animal, gift, etc.

    Here's a thought (akin to your suggestion about reading a book): why not just (duh, golly gee) CALL your family and friends and give them the good news about your birth, political views, tropheys, school grades...?? Why should my email box (second after calling) be inundated with inane comments, clamoring for my reading among hundreds if not thousands of emails already delivered??

    It appears to me that a) people want to avoid one-on-one conversation; but b) want to reach as many as possible with their latitudes; I can't even watch a tv show without some twitter comment, or super-size ad invading the corners of my tv screen, distracting and intruding into my view (and ultimate understanding and ability to follow a storyline) of a particular story--especially when they are SOOO repetitive! Enough already! I don't know how many marketers or advertisers follow your blog, but this is my number one gripe....

    I am now going to buy a simple hand held cell phone (no smartphone). You want me, call me. I wonder how my parents and grandparents got along without them??

  2. I don't subscribe to FB, TW, AOL etc. yet I am asked to give my profile...why? so these stupid mainframe programs can follow my every move?? Why not just provide a name as I input it, or an email to get a hold of me, or even "anonymous??" Who says that I have to be part of a stupid company profile in order just to post a comment? seems restrictive to me, a-la first amendment...just sayin.