Monday, December 2, 2013

President Suppositions

Just suppose you are rich as Croesus.

Just suppose that you are a person of great power. The power to manipulate world markets.

Just suppose, even that immense power isn't enough.

Just suppose you have a plan where you could control a country.

Just suppose you find a personable young boy who was abandoned by his father.

Just suppose that boy's mother is more interested in radical politics than mothering.

Just suppose you get that boy an education in the best liberal schools.

Just suppose you encourage the boy's natural acting talent and provide professional training.

Just suppose that you make sure that certain radical thinkers take this boy under their wing.

Just suppose that you make sure all this boy's educational credentials are there but the records are buried.

Just suppose you introduce this boy, now a man, into the most corrupt political scene in America.

Just suppose that in an incredibly short period of time this man is elected to state office.

Just suppose that after another short time he finds the support and financial means for a national office.

Just suppose that in an impossibly short time he is a candidate for President.

Just suppose that you use your immense wealth to fund his party, PACs, and propaganda machines.

Just suppose you now have the power to "fundamentally change" a country.

Just suppose.....  

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