Monday, December 16, 2013

Bad Is As Bad Does

I read where President Barack Obama had the worst year of anyone in Washington. I suppose that is true. Most of the denizens of that paved over swamp had a good year. They didn't work very hard but, for the most part, made far more money than they deserve. They didn't have to answer any hard questions. The press has given up, at least temporarily, the option of pressing for hard news. Their evenings are pleasant, as they hang with like minded people so all petty political squabbles seem to be a thing of the past

The one person in Washington who has complete control of his quality of life is the President. During Obama's first term, when he had his tame hit people, Reid and Pelosi, running the Senate and the House, he lived in an impervious bubble. He, or more often, his surrogates, spoke and it was done. The only things that were heard inside that bubble were paeans of praise to the mighty one.

Even after his cohorts lost the house, and Nancy Pelosi was relegated to second class status, there was barely a murmur of negativity that made it's way through the Presidents protective shield.  The only clear voices that he heard sang his praises. When someone from the press had the audacity to ask a real question, Obama was never in the loop. It was always "out of control underlings".

Then after five years of parties with the rich and famous, vacations with his entourage, and round after round of golf, life got complicated. His legacy legislation was introduced to the public, and it fell flat on it's face. It was big. It was complicated. It was expensive. It took away people's right to control their own health care. Worst of all, at least up front, after three years in production, the website didn't work. There are high school kids out there that can put together a credible website in three weeks. And to put the cherry on top, the back end, where you actually pay for your insurance is not even built yet.

OK, Mr. Obama, it's embarrassing. Of course you have reverted to your "some pother dude done it" defense. But it is your baby. When they started calling it Obamacare you gave a big grin and said that you liked that. Now it is crashing around your ears and you cannot deny parenthood.

But I say to you Mr. Obama, while you may be having a bad year, you have given the American people five very bad years with no end in sight. I'm sorry. I cannot be concerned for your plight. I'm more concerned with my fellow citizens that have no job or a poor job, those who's savings are not growing, those that will be cold this winter because they can't afford fuel, and those that are losing their health care. Their years are far worse than yours.

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