Friday, December 13, 2013

The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Sicker

We will never know whether the, off the track, result of some legislation is intentional or accidental. Sometimes the "Low of Unintended Results" exerts itself just because things are poorly thought out before action is taken. One example of that that I have written much about, is "Quantitative Easing". It has created a huge economic bubble that,while holding back the general economy, has done wonders for the stock market. 

One day, probably soon, that bubble will burst. The smart money, the super rich, will move so quickly that they will exit taking their profits with them. Many, as the market sinks, will sell short, making more money. Then at the bottom they will buy bargains and make even more money. And the general economy will be doomed to an extended stay at the bottom of dismal swamp.

We have another administration policy that was definitely poorly conceived that will cause tragic unintended results. As the President's economic policies allowed the rich to get richer and the poor and middle class to lose ground, Obamacare will allow the rich to remain healthy while the poor and middle class get sicker.

If you are rich, you can keep your doctor because you can afford to pay him out of pocket. If your not rich you can go to whatever doctor the government allows, if you can find one that will take you on as a patient. It is even worse for patients with serious conditions. Tell someone that they can't keep their cardiologist or oncologist and you have tossed them into the ocean without a life preserver.

If you are rich, you can go to whatever hospital you wish because you can pay for it out of pocket. If you are not rich you can go to whatever hospital takes Obamacare. Many of the best hospitals and specialty clinics choose not to have the government tell them how to practice medicine. They are opting out. The hospitals willing to take Obamacare may not be your preferred place of treatment.

 If you are rich, you can purchase the exact medications that are required for your treatment because you can afford to pay out of pocket. If you are not rich the government may not list the best medications for you in their pharmacopoeia. You will have to go along with second or third best. 

If you are rich and you wish to buy health care insurance, you can afford the gold plan with higher monthly payments and a small deductible. If you are not rich you will purchase the lowest cost plan available to you so that you have some form of insurance that your government is forcing upon you. The problem is that your deductible will be so high that you will probably defer getting treatment because you can't afford to be sick.

If you are rich, you will remain as healthy a modern healthcare will allow. If you are not rich, pray that you and your family never get seriously ill. The "law of unexpected results has just trumped the supposed concern for the poor and middle class. Under Obamacare the rich will stay well while the poor get sicker.

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