Thursday, June 13, 2013

Under The Governments Wing

Under our Constitution it is the duty of the government of the United States of America to protect it's citizens. In the first sentence of the first paragraph of the Constitution the government is obliged to provide "for the common defense". While that is a pretty general statement, it is also totally unambiguous. All of the time, every day, each and every one of us is under the governments protection.

That would mean that our enemies must be identified. You cannot protect against an enemy if you don't know who that enemy's identity. Every person that is out there, employed by the government to provide that protection, must understand clearly who they are protecting us against. But our government doesn't make that clear. Our people on the front lines are supposed to protect us against an enemy that can't be named lest the people associated with this enemy be offended. Even worse the government pretends that there are others that are our enemies so as to give our real enemies cover. I do not believe that Tea Party members or evangelical Christians will become terrorists. Those that run DHS apparently do.

There is a technique to spotting your enemy when they are not in a uniform. You find characteristics that are common among the larger number of your enemies, habits they may have, places they may visit, and behaviors that are typical. But those that would disrupt the process of protecting us have labeled that process "profiling" and became highly indignant that people who may be an enemy should be examined in such a manner. So now, in airports, we make old men in wheel chairs stand when they can't stand. We grope grandmothers and small girls. The enemy just won another battle.

The finest federal law enforcement body in our country, the FBI, must have the finest and most extensive training to protect us against our enemy. For they will be involved in the most difficult and intricate cases of domestic terror. Their training manual should leave no stone unturned to provide these first line defenders with the knowledge they must have to execute their job. But some how the enemy infiltrated this fine organization and with the assistance of compliant politicians, forced them to rip fifty critical pages from their training manual referring to this enemy. And the bad guys win another skirmish.

For some ridiculous reason the people that run our government fear offending those that would kill us. They invite our enemies to the White House regularly and beg their permission on every aspect of homeland protection. This permission is never given as it is offensive to their faith. So we monitor the phones of all Americans. We check everyone's email. We waste time monitoring twitter feeds. But we do not monitor where they gather and listen to what they say. We act like fools on a fools errand. 

We have the people with the knowledge and skill to fight this war. We have a population that will watch and observe and come forward in emergencies. But two things need to happen. The president must remove the chains from our defenders and be an American President. And the media has got to support their country and unify and motivate the populace. When this happens maybe we can have some faith in being under the governments wing.

Please, never forget Benghazi!

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