Thursday, June 20, 2013

In America, Freedom Wins

If you are obliged to protect the citizens of a country, how do you go about that task? I am not referring to a little country with a homogeneous population like Holland. I am talking about a honking big country with a wildly disparate population like the United States.

As usual, the opposite political poles have opposite ideas about the absolute best way to keep Americans safe. We must acknowledge that no manner or means will give us one hundred percent, twenty-four seven, three hundred and sixty-five safety. But task number one is to try to do whatever can be done. Anything that is done, some time, some place,  will fail. So task number two is to minimize failure. 

The mindset of liberals, as exemplified by our present administration, is to watch and monitor everyone in America. Cameras are installed on street corners. The FBI admits to using drones for domestic surveillance. The NSA is monitoring domestic telephone traffic. When they are asked about actually listening in on phone calls the answers are fraught with weasel words. The post office photographs every piece of first class mail, front and back. 

They intrude on our privacy to do this because they know that the American people are powerless to stop them. But they still don't have the spine to control our borders. So while they monitor each and every one of us, they have not the intestinal fortitude to stop foreign terrorists from coming across our borders. This is not a safety issue. This is a political issue. The politocrats of both parties, that presently run our country, care more for political expediency than they do for the safety of the people they are sworn to protect. The proof of this is that free and independent people are safer when they possess their own weapons so they can protect their families, property, and communities. But those that have the power today would take away those weapons leaving only the government and those that would do harm to be armed. That is a political position, not a public safety position.

It is the nature of the more conservative segment of the population to support traditional methods of ensuring our safety. Identify your enemies. Know who in coming into the country and when they leave. Investigate and gather intelligence. In the United States you have over three hundred million pairs of eyes. Encourage them to watch out for danger and to pass on any information. Find a way to separate the wheat from the chaff from those calls for there will be a great deal of chaff. Then operate within the first, second, and fourth amendments.

For above all, safety is of no value if we give up our freedom. The United States has always, since its inception, had the greatest freedom of any country in the world. That should always be true because in America, freedom wins.

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