Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stamp Out Politocrats

If you read my blog regularly, you may have come across the word, politocrat. If this is your first visit, welcome, you have never seen this word before. I know that because I made up the word. From time to time when I am unable to find a word that fits my needs, I am not above creating one from scratch.

We all understand that an autocrat is a single despotic ruler, such as a czar, that controls a country, or even an empire, all alone and with a heavy hand. A good example would be the Kims of North Korea. A plutocracy is a country in the control of a group of the very rich. The United Arab Emirates comes to mind. A politocracy is a country ruled by a group of powerful politicians steeped in the maintenance of their own power. They do not like to share and they do not like change. The United States of America, I suggest, is close if not already a politocracy.

There are certain traits that politocrats share. They are generally older but some are given a special circumstances dispensation and may be as young as their late forties. Most have never worked in the private sector. If they have it was briefly when they were very young. To be part of the club, you must have survived three election cycles. Many have held office for thirty years or more. And you must have a huge campaign war chest. This will allow you to attach some pliant newcomers to your coattails. Then you can teach the next generation of politocrats the ropes.

The big thing is that you don't roil the waters. Your political party is irrelevant. But you must go along to get along. If you are a member of the minority party you may gently voice some protests to keep your base thinking well of you but in the end you pass that new debt ceiling or that new tax bill. The status quo must rule. If you play along with the big plan you will be allowed to dip into the pork barrel enabling you to show your constituents how hard you are working for them in the nations capitol.

If this description seem to fit any politician running in your area you might want to rethink your vote. Another clue that will help you tell who the politocrats are is the way they treat new energetic young politicians that get to Washington hoping for change. They attack them. Even young pols of their own party. It is ugly. They will stand before a TV camera and call these fine young men "wacko birds". What adult male calls another adult male a wacko bird. Some fine examples of politocrats would be Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, McCain, Obama, Schumer, and Biden. There are many more, and plenty waiting to join the ranks.

It was never intended that our country should be run by a political class. Men, or women for that matter,  who get too much power tend to love that power too much. There is definitely something to be said for term limits. These people have power, real power. The only way we can ever get our country back is to stamp out the politocrats.

I have been posting more than usual lately. I have to. It is what the military call a "target rich environment".

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