Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Light At The End Of The Egyptian Tunnel

An Egyptian friend of mine, recently passed away. Shortly before his passing we discussed the Egyptian situation. I had given him a copy of one of two blog posting that I had written expressing fear for what might happen in Egypt with the Islamic jihadists coming into power. My fears centered on the fate of the Coptic Christians and the possible destruction of Egyptian historical artifacts. If anyone wants to read those postings, the first is "Pray for the Sphinx" dated 6/13/2012 and "More Fear for the Sphinx" dated 2/22/2013.

His thoughts paralleled mine in that we both thought that Muslim fundamentalists would destroy Egypt as the world has known it. Egypt had a history of being freer and more tolerant than most mid-eastern countries. That freedom and tolerance has been eroding rapidly over the past year. While I have not heard of any destruction of historical artifacts or monuments, Christian churches have been attacked and native Christians have been killed.

Presently forces calling for the ouster of President Morsi are threatening to take to the street. Those that support the President have vowed to crush this opposition. As volatile as this part of the globe is, it takes no great imagination to predict that the final outcome will be  riots and bloodshed.  

The most stable organization in Egypt is the Egyptian Army. They are experienced, well trained, and disciplined. They have a qualified and educated officer corp. Six months ago both my Coptic friend and I believed it was time for the military to step in. They exercised more restraint than I would have thought possible to give the newly elected President a chance. That does not seem to be working.

It is time now for the Army to step in and stabilize the country. The world has watched enough bloodshed from the middle east. This can be stopped and it should be. I do not believe that the Egyptian Army is a junta that would take power and try to hold it forever at the muzzle of a gun. They are the most stabilizing factor in a very unstable country. 

It is time for them to act and switch on the light at the end of the Egyptian tunnel.

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