Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Thoughts On Energy

A few minutes ago I heard Bob Beckel comment on climate change. He implied that the polar bear population was proof of a problem. Note to Mr. Beckel: The polar bear population is up to normal healthy levels.

Climate change isn't about science. It is about money. "Follow the money." If you do that, a big wide path will lead you to Al Gore's pocket.

Temperatures have been stable for sixteen years.

Thirty years ago the politically motivated scientists were moaning about global cooling and a new ice age.

Climate always changes. Greenland was once warm, green and had a growing season.

Due to scientific advances, they can now burn coal cleaner than the Kyoto Accords called for. And that is still not good enough. As long as there is money in climate panic, it will never be resolved.

When the Earth was warming up, Mars was also warming up at the same rate. I have run extensive tests and I guarantee that carbon dioxide level have not increased at all on Mars. There is a rumor being spread by real climatologists that sunspot were the cause of warming on both planets.

The United States is sitting on a vast reservoir of energy and we're going broke sending money to people in the middle east that hate us. But the politicians that have sworn to preserve and protect the country use every excuse they can come up with to keep the status quo. Does that tell you anything?

GDP annual growth is down to 1.8 percent and President Obama is going to wage a war on coal. I'm sure that will be very helpful. Maybe he can get it down under one percent and get unemployment back up over eight.

Carbon dioxide is a normal gas in the atmosphere. There have been times in the history of the world when levels have been much higher than they are today.

When a politician says that the science is settled on any subject, you can bet the farm he is wrong. The important question is what lever is he trying to pull by saying it.

God bless the United States, we have the best politicians that money can buy.

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  1. Not only is this issue about "follow the ['big green'] money", it is also about discovering where the money did NOT go. As in Gore's accusation that 'big coal & oil' money was paid to skeptic scientists to lie about the issue. The pro-global warming side says this happened, but they offer not a scintilla of evidence to prove it.