Monday, June 17, 2013

Keep The Faith, Baby

For those to young to recognize the phrase, it come from the hippies in the mid sixties. They meant it to mean stay true to your beliefs. In America today that is difficult unless your belief set lines up with what your liberal masters believe. If you disavow any part of their tenets you are publicly castigated and excoriated. The problem lies in the fact that they are involving groups that should not be involved in social engineering.

I have a big problem with what is happening in the military today. The military sends people into dangerous places to do dangerous things. As the military cuts across all segments of our society there are a wide variety of belief sets that support these people when they are in need. Many people when faced with danger fall back on their faith for support. Traditionally, the military has understood this need and done all that could be done under, sometimes, impossible, circumstances to support that need. Chaplains were sent along with the troops to assist them in their faith when help was needed. These brave people cross trained so they could assist those of other faiths than their own. They brought God to the battlefield where he was sorely needed.

Under the Obama administration Christian and Jewish chaplains are under duress. Lay politicians dictate to the religious how they must practice and what they must accept. The symbols of religion that were there for comfort must be stored away lest they give offense to someone. What ever happened to understanding and caring about the needs of someone other than your own sorry self. It seems to me that people only take offense if they desire to take offense. For some reason the Islamic faith seems to be exempted from much of this regulatory brouhaha. 

The Constitution says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". Notice that the Constitution says freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. But the heart of the problem is that, like so many things in the Obama administration, this is not being done by law. It is being done by edict from high offices. Maybe not by the President in all cases, but by his minions that know his wishes and agree with his aims.

But just to make matters worse this craziness has even affected one of the great organizations of all time, the Boy Scouts. I was a scout and two of my grandsons are scouts. I know how it benefited me and I see how much it is benefiting them.  Does anyone truly believe that there have been no homosexuals in scouts before now. It was quietly accepted as long as acceptable behavior was the order of the day. But now because everything has to be an issue, troops are disrupted, some parents are upset, and many groups have lost their meeting place. The scouts take young boys and with the help of volunteer parents, teach these boys to become responsible men who understand duty and leadership. Those parents that spend hours laboring to get it right are the best of people and are to be commended.

I pray that some day those that feel the need to disrupt societal structure will find peace and realize the only life they have to live is their own. Until then, keep the faith.

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