Monday, October 1, 2012

J-I-N-G-O Jingo is my name O.

Actually, my name isn't Jingo. It's Bob. But I am a pure, unadulterated, proud, and outspoken Jingoist. "My country, right or wrong, but my country." "Love it or leave it." I think you get the idea. I don't just believe in American exceptionalism, I know without question that America is the most exceptional country on the face of the earth and beyond.

In my opinion, everyone who runs for political office in this country should feel as I  do. If they do not feel that way they may be inclined to decisions not in the country's best interest. That does not mean the the country should be frozen in time. It should be like driving a race car. Just because you are out in front it doesn't mean that you don't try to go faster. Push to the limit of your capability, but look at the things that make this country great. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the indomitable spirit of a multi-ethnic nation, and a people willing and able to control their own destiny.

It is a shame that our country's greatness is not universally appreciated. I understand that the NAACP is going to the UN to request to have the United States investigated for "racially discriminating election laws". First of all they are going before the "Human Rights Council". Some of the countries on this council have atrocious human rights records themselves. There  are also many of these countries that despise the United States. If you love your country, don't embarrass it in front of an organization like this. The crux of the NAACP's problem is that those people that have committed felonies and by their own actions have lost their right to vote cannot vote. There might be other groups besides convicted felons out there more deserving of their kind ministrations.

Being the United States, we deserve true, timely, and honest answers from those that hold the public trust. When the truth is hidden from us to enhance someones campaign for elected office that person doesn't deserve that office. After the Benghazi debacle we heard four different stories. One from the Secretary of State, one from our Secretary to the United Nations, one from our President, and one from the President of Libya. All with different facts, and all with different timing. Now that it appears that everything has shaken out, it seems the true story was the information we received from the President of Libya. That my friends is pathetic.

I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I have issues. I am not happy with the policies and actions of our president and I must say what I believe. When the President of the United States seems to show more concern for the Muslim world than he does for his own country, I find it disturbing. When he goes before the UN and shows a high degree of frustration with American freedom of speech, that is just wrong. When he treats our greatest allies with disdain it pains me.

This is our country. It belongs to every one of us. Every single one of us! We have the greatest rights of any country in the world. Those rights incur certain obligations. One of those obligations, in my opinion, is to keep our family fights at home. Another one is to pick your fights rationally. Make sure the fight is worth the turbulence it will cause. Someone that can't do these things should have a period of introspection. They might review the options of where else they would find life more comfortable and more in line with their own thought processes. Visit there. Spend some time. Try it out. If they find it's really better for them, emigrate. If you are that person, remember, until you decide to give up your citizenship, you are a stakeholder in this country. Please act that way.

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