Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thoughts - Eleven

I want to welcome the White House staffer that is assigned to read my little blog. I have suspected that you are out there for a while now. But I found your virtual fingerprints on one of my posts. So now I am pretty sure. That having been said, you are most certainly welcome. I am, in fact, really proud that I have caught the attention of the power center of the world.

Maybe it's just me, but is Obama beginning to look like the clumsiest kid at the prom lately?

If your into conspiracy theories and UFOs and you like to read, get hold of the book "Groom Lake" by Bryan O. It's available on Kindle. And, if you're a reader and you don't have a Kindle you are missing out. Friend Kindle authors on Facebook and you get tons of free books from new or self-published authors. The preceding was an opinion, not a commercial. I don't get a penny for any of this stuff that I mention. Just sayin' 'cause I know somebody out there will think nasty that I'm on some payroll.

I've written a little bit about possible new sources of energy. Three areas to be watched are methane hydrates in the short term. Helium three and cold fusion in the longer term. Sandia Labs has just made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion. A successful experiment in recovering methane hydrate was just concluded on the Alaskan North Slope. And I wouldn't be surprised if there were other systems being tried that we haven't even heard about yet.

With the mid-east on fire and the UN in session in New York City, with almost every world leader in New York for this important session, the President of the United States of America chooses to go on "The View" and refer to himself as "eye candy". Has he no sense of presidential dignity? Actually, I know the answer to that.

Do we want a President who is glib and charming and really reads a tele-prompter well, or a President that is competent, experienced, and will lead from the front? I'm going for competent.

If you are as disgusted with the NFL as I am, I suggest not tuning in to these pseudo-games on TV. If they don't get the ratings their advertising money diminishes and we all know how much the owners hate that with all that high priced talent on the field. If enough people do it, we will get their attention.

My grandson told me last night and it seems to be confirmed this morning that the strike or lock-out or whatever is over. I don't care, I'm still angry.

Breaking news - Madonna has just announced that Obama is a Black Muslim. I guess if Madonna says it, it must be true. I give Elvis credit. Someone asked him for a political opinion once, he answered "how should I know, I just a singer". Good clear thinking.

Note to Michelle: If you are thinking about running for president in 2016, you might want to leave that high school lunch thing alone. They're getting up hungry from lunch and they'll be voting in 2016.

The president says the economy is improving. Do not be fooled. It is not improving. The stock market is improving. That is not the economy. More people are out of work than last week. More people have stopped looking since last week. The GNP is barely moving upward. Sales are down. Salaries are down. Food stamps are up. That is the economy and it stinks.

Also in this morning's news, last quarter GDP revised downward to 1.3%. Thank you Barack!

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