Saturday, October 13, 2012

Timing is Everything

When Mitt Romney started his run for president, I sort of supported him, as I felt that four more years of Obama would be harmful for the country. I was not happy with Romney's campaign style. He was letting the opposition define him without any serious counter-moves  I was so bothered that I wrote an open letter to him on this blog.

 Although I have doubts about the accuracy of polls they can show trends. Romney was losing ground. I did have some thoughts that a man as smart as Romney could not ignore this. A good business man does not let his ego get in the way of his decisions. And above all thing we know Romney is a good business man.

 Along came the debate, Romney cleaned Obama's clock and left him staggering into the ropes. The old Mitt had left the stage and the new Mitt entered stage left and gave a premier performance. Now I think I understand. As has been often said, "timing is everything".

Obama has been the victim of a con job. Romney played the part of a bumbler and Obama's people bought it. They based their constant, ad hominum attacks on that image. In beating on Romney's straw man they completed their own image as people without new ideas that have only a message of berating the opposition. It has made them look small and smug.

Romney's exhibition of quiet competence, knowledge of the facts, plans for the country and good humor during the first debate left the Obama supporters reeling. Romney and the people around him are skilled in the political arena. They have seem many political campaigns peak out a month before the election. I think they have this campaign as timed and scripted as a Broadway musical.

In other words, don't expect anything less out of Romney in the next two debates than he gave in the first. He will come loaded, locked, and ready for bear. ( If you haven't noticed, I like to mix metaphors).

It hasn't been widely publicized, but the Obama's have purchased a beautiful ocean side estate in Hawaii. It is supposed to be ready for them in early January. That gives me thoughts of handwriting on walls or lights at the end of tunnels. I can't decide what metaphor to select. How about just a nice simple aloha. 

Since I finished writing the material above a couple of things have happened. One is the vice-presidential debate. I thought that was one of the most bizarre spectacles that I have seen in politics. Biden, a heart beat away from being president, scares me. Even if you gave them a tie on the debate itself, Biden blew it by his actions. It seems that a lot of people agree.

The second thing is that I got hit with a Trojan Horse virus. And it was a nasty one. It took a number of hours over two days working with the Cox technicians to clean everything up. It not only locked up my computer but also corrupted my anti-virus software and my web browser. I will say that the Cox techs are my heroes. Folks, be careful what you click on. If it has to do with someone un-friending you on facebook, don't do it. As a matter of fact, don't click on anything that you don't initiate.

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