Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random Thoughts - Twelve

I cannot support a professional football team that wears pastels. C'mon guys!

A few thoughts on the morning after the final (thank God) debate:

     Bob Schieffer was far and away the best of the moderators.

     Barack Obama still got more time than Mitt Romney, as he did in all three debates.

     Romney came across as presidential and adult.

     Obama came across as rude, snarky, and mean.

     Close on points, but in the end I felt Romney came out looking far better.

Confession; Every once in a while I flipped over to the football game. Two reasons. I like football and my brain was starting to hurt after watching three previous debates.

Suggestion; Two debates. One three hour debate with an intermission for president. One two hour debate for VP.

It is only two weeks to what I consider the most important election of my lifetime. I truly feel that the future of our country and the quality of life for the next generation rests on the results. I hope all voters see it that way. I also hope that the illustrious politicians to whom we have entrusted this great nation realize just where they have left us. They should all be ashamed.

Obama's greatest talent in the debates was to speak as if he had all of the facts and planning stored in his head and was speaking as the final authority, when, in fact, he was wrong about so many things. He was wrong on the military's needs, sequestration, Benghazi, etc. But the question is, was he wrong because he made a mistake or was he lying?. Either case is bad.

While we are on the president, I remember every president since FDR. I do not remember any president who so loved the sound of his own voice that he would bombast some place every day and get it covered on TV. Silence will be golden.

I admit that I get annoyed as I see the country speeding toward financial collapse and I hear people voting for president based on gay marriage or free contraception for women.

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