Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unaccountable, That's What You Are

Remember the old song lyric "irresistible, that's what you are"? Well, if that song were written for Barack Obama, they would have to have written "unaccountable" instead of irresistible. Someone tried to pin the name "the Teflon president" on Ronald Reagan. Because, they said, nothing sticks to him. Then Obama must be the fog president because everything seems to pass right through him and it never leaves a mark.

As I watched the first debate I was amazed that the president would play so loosely with the facts when he must have known that Mr. Romney would be there with facts and figures at his fingertips. In short, Mr. Romney came prepared. Mr. Obama did not.

There are two other things that I found strange if not borderline offensive. The first is that Mr. Obama would not look his opponent in the eye and try to rebut the points that Mr. Romney rather soundly made. The second is that the day after the debate, when he had the stage to himself and his best friend, the teleprompter, by his side, Mr. Obama seemed to be doing his best impression of Richard the Lionhearted. Where he never said boo during the debate now he was all fired up and making accusations of lying and distortion. My theory is, if you're not man enough to say these things to your opponent's face, you shouldn't be saying them behind his back.

But, just for fun, let us examine some of Mr. Obama's lies and distortions. He said that, in spite of taking $716 billion out of medicare, seniors would get the same quality of coverage. Except that if a senior is released from the hospital after treatment, the hospital will be heavily fined if they re-admit that patient within thirty days. So if you are that patient pray  that all goes well with no bad reactions or follow up required because you may not get the help you need.

Also, that fifteen member panel that is "just looking into ways to make health care more effective" is going to be disallowing certain treatments to the elderly as not within their cost/benefit analysis. After all, the elderly are less productive.

Of course, Obama's famous promises to bring back jobs and reduce the deficit have long since been forgotten.

Obama promised to turn the problems in the middle east around. That didn't work so well. It's more of a mess over there now than it has been in my lifetime. Speaking of the middle east, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the current debacle in Libya. It was a 9/11 attack by Al Queda or one of it's spin offs. Four great Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed at an insecure consulate in Benghazi. They were not given the security team that they requested. In my estimation, that is on the Secretary of State. But almost immediately the whole Obama administration was out spreading a story, blaming it on a dumb movie trailer that had been available for weeks. Just more lies.

OK, the final untruth for today. Obama has publicly proclaimed his love for an "across the board" policy for energy. Now, look at the truth, Coal mines are being shut down by the EPA. Oil licenses on public lands are not being issued. The Keystone XL pipeline still languishes. But there is plenty of our money to pass out to Obama supporters running failing solar energy companies and those companies that kill our great American symbol ,the Bald Eagle, with huge wind farms.

Misplaced loyalties, displaced facts, and Chicago style politics. I'm ready for a change.

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