Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Six Easy Pieces

It is finally official. A federal court has acknowledged that Obama appointees did interfere with the prosecution of the New Black Panthers. I think it was pretty obvious, as they had reached a plea bargain, but at the last minute AG Holders people stepped in and dropped the case. They did a good job of covering that up for two years.

General Motors has been advertising that they have been doing well. Sales are up. Times are good. Except for one little thing. The word is beginning to leak out that they are making toxic loans to  increase sales. Can't you just picture, some time down the line, acres and acres of repos. Maybe they should start selling tow trucks. That looks to be the wave of the future.

Obama was quick to tell the world that he was the man in charge when the SEALs went in to take down bin Laden. Took all the responsibility and, of course, the credit for that super secret operation, the details of which were spread all over the media. Well it now appears that Valarie Jarrett may have actually been the man in charge.It didn't go, it appears, until she gave the thumbs up to the president. But even better is that they had paperwork in place to put the blame off to a navy admiral if thing went wrong. Look, you can't be president and take blame for stuff, unless you're not President Obama.

In an amazing feat of longevity, after four years the White House is still trying to deny that they returned the Churchill bust to the British. Everybody knows about it. Admit it and get past it.

I am truly tired of comedians, actors, and second rate TV hosts telling me I'm racist because I dislike Obama's policies. Before MLK was even heard of, it has been my policy to form my opinion of a person by their character not their color.

Really, with the country's financial situation. With the real unemployment rate north of 14 percent. With foreign policy falling apart. With Obama fighting more wars in Africa. (Oh, you didn't know about that?) With the country heading toward taxmegedon. We are supposed to make political decisions based on whether or not someone supports traditional marriage? There are many people that still accept marriage as a religious rite and support the religious outlook. It has nothing to do with sexual proclivities.

Why is there any top management in the GSA that is still working for the US government. I think  it would be prudent to kick them all out and transfer in experienced managers from other departments. Each one of them should be investigated with the intention of pressing charges. In private industry they would have been gone weeks ago. Let's make an example here.Preserve America!

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