Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A General Theory of Government Deficiency

Profits are good. The higher your percentage of profit the better. If people are purchasing your product and paying the going price, they are not being cheated. So if a business is run efficiently and a good profit derives from that people will show support by buying stock in that business. A business needs a plan, good management, a controllable overhead, freedom from excessive regulation, and efficiency in producing their product.

Government does not generate a profit. They do not need to because they have the power to reach out and take money from you, dear reader. If you don't give it to them they will take your property and put you in jail. So government doesn't need a plan. In fact the federal government hasn't even produced a budget in the last four years. They should have a plan. But plans get in the way because the public expects you to follow them. The government doesn't care about good management because there is no profit motive. Just give your friends and supporters jobs no matter how inept they are. And don't worry about overhead either. If the federal government runs out of money they can borrow or raise taxes. It might do harm to future generations, but, hey, kick the can down the road. Let it be someone else's problem. And as for efficiency, they have never heard of the word.

You may have noticed, but in a number of cases on the city and state level, that big tin can they kicked down the road has landed. Due to the incestuous nature of dealings between public service unions and politicians, cities and states are facing bankruptcy. Many cities have already filed. Cities and states must run a balanced budget. No deficit spending for them. That's why the tin hit the tarmac there first. But there is a much larger can flying through the air. More like a 55 gallon drum. That one is owned by the federal government. If and when that one hits it will be bigger and louder than anyone can imagine. The feds are so deep into deficit spending, that, uncontrolled, it will bankrupt our country. With China being the main creditor the results can be devastating.

I read something a few days ago that seemed to be an allegory for government run business. Amtrak as part of their highly inefficient transportation operation sell food to those that show up at their facilities hungry. They have a hamburger that they sell for $9.50. Not exactly a bargain at that price. But the strange fact is that the hamburger costs them $16.00. How? Why? That is insane. Can you imagine your neighborhood pub operating like that. It would soon be the pub that used to be there. They went out of business.

The Postal Service had a $5.2 Billion, with a B, loss in the third quarter of this year. Do you ever hear anyone from the administration announcing new management in these government run businesses. No, they don't care. You make up the loss and you don't care.  But private carriers like Fed-Ex and UPS run at a profit. Why can't government at least break even.

If the public cared they would demand a better government. They would vote smarter. They would be more interested in the truth behind the news. They would watch what the politicians do, not just what they say. You get the government that you deserve. If you don't vote smart you end up exactly where we are heading at a high rate of speed. Everyone seems to think that the politicians they elect are fine. It's the politicians from other areas that are bad. If you think this, you are probably wrong. In my estimation about eighty percent of the politicians out there should be replaced. The new ones should be watched like a hawk to make sure that they live up to promises made. The process of government will never be perfect. It can be a lot better. It's up to the voters. They hold the keys to the kingdom. Take back America!

Just an observation. Watch Obama's face when he speaks. There is a man that is scared, confused, and has lost his way.

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